We Need a New Dream

Street Art in Bogota

Street Art in Bogota

What is the dream of the world today?

To go faster?

To work more?

To share more memes?

To watch more cat videos?

Not only do we lack a dream for ourselves, we lack a dream united with our humanity.

Ages before us dreamt big, powerful dreams. Whether they were right or wrong is up for debate, but history has lead us to today, a day with lack of vision or connection to one another, separated from our power to be and share love and joy on earth.

We’ve been to space.

We’ve seen the depths of the sea.

We’ve made and squandered millions.

Is our dream to keep/get rid of guns?

To see gay marriage made il/legal?

To see abortion made il/legal?

These questions are important, but they are the minutiae; small things in comparison to our abilities on this planet.

So what is it? What is the ultimate dream we can aspire to together?

I don’t believe it has anything to do with our ability to consume. Likewise, I think it goes completely against this notion.

A society will receive nothing from seeking things that hold no real value. Money, sex, fame, toys; these are nothing but a means of medication, an “opiate of the people.”

What is your dream? Is it to live in despair or apathy over the way the world looks now? Is it to live on default and to consume for the sake of a culture that says it’s all there is to do? Or is it to do more, be more than that?

If you’re feeling dread, you’re not alone, but it’s not enough to live in a deep pit, sulking with one another, drowning in our angst and anger.

How does your dream fit into the context of all of us, as human beings, growing, learning, sharing, and supporting one another?

Your clock is ticking. What percentage of that is actually spent living? After all, it’s unfortunate to say, “Life is what happens in between screens.”


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